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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety First! Visit our safety page for important safety tips!

How do I purchase a Cozy sidecar?

There are few ways to purchase your new Cozy sidecar. The first method is to purchase it from one of our fine dealers. There is an up to date list here. This is a great way to buy a sidecar as someone with experience will be able to give you guidance and do the assembly and installation for you. They should also be able to help you find resources for training etc.

If you know of a sidecar specialist who is in your area but is not currently one of our dealers, you can purchase a unit directly from us and we will be happy to work with them on your installation. If they are a bona fide business and end up becoming one of our dealers we have a nice gift for you. Inquire about the details at [email protected]

You can also purchase it directly from us. We do not sell them for any less than a dealer, but we do recognize that a sidecar specialist may not be located a convenient distance from you. We do furnish illustrated assembly and installation instructions. If you are handy and have some common sense you should be able to do a credible job over the course of a weekend.

If you choose to install a sidecar yourself, we highly recommend that you read all that you can from this site and others as well as any publications you can find (some are available here for free) about sidecars, sidecar installation and sidecar handling.

Under all circumstances we highly recommend that you take advantage of any training which may be offered in your area. (See safety section). You can buy one directly from us by calling 1-800-201-7472. We take most major credit cards.

Why buy a sidecar?

We hear many different reasons from people who are interested in sidecars.

One thing is for sure, a sidecar rig can bring traffic to a standstill!! They attract attention like Paris Hilton attracts publicity. Everyone loves the look and novelty of a sidecar rig. Ordinary pedestrians wave, cars honk and sidecars just generally put a smile on people’s faces.

Our customers tell us that they want to take their kids, wives and dogs in them.

Many passengers are more comfortable in a sidecar than on the back of a motorcycle. Some customers like the extra stability of the third wheel.

There many different reasons that people buy sidecars, but pure fun is the main attraction.

Why buy a Cozy sidecar?

Our Cozy models offer best value in the motorcycle sidecar market today. For a relatively low price you can get a well-made, all-steel sidecar from a company that has been around for decades.

With its steel construction and classic styling, many also think that the Cozy is one of the most beautiful sidecars made.

What if I need parts for my sidecar?

We stock all of the parts for Cozy sidecars and many parts for other sidecars. If you don’t see what you need in our on-line store, give us a call toll free at

How long have you been in the sidecar business?
Why is that important?

We imported our first sidecar in the last century (1999). Many sidecar producers and importers have come and gone over the years. We think that dealing with an established firm with a good reputation is important from a consumer’s standpoint.

We have a commitment to customer satisfaction and the furthering of the sidecar industry. We spend money and time to participate in the Sidecar Industry Council and other trade organizations to do our part in furthering the sport of sidecars. There are other good, committed sidecar firms in the US so research the history and background of any firm you intend to do business with.

We welcome your scrutiny, questions or visit at any time. We are proud of what we do and the service we offer and stand behind our products and our customers.

What models of motorcycles will the Cozy sidecars work with?

The Cozy sidecar has been fitted to many different types of motorcycles. Installations that we know of include:

  1. Harley Davidson (Sportster).
  2. Triumph - vintage Triumphs as well as modern day Triumphs.
  3. Many classic and vintage motorcycles such as BSA, Ariel, Matchless, Velocette, Jawa, and Norton.
  4. Royal Enfield – Both modern and vintage models.
  5. Modern Japanese motorcycles like Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Suzuki.
  6. BMW - classic and vintage BMWs.
  7. Moto-Guzzi.

What models of motorcycles will the Cozy NOT work with?

The limiting factors are the frame and size of the motorcycle. A very heavy bike like a full-sized Harley Davidson or a Honda Goldwing would be better served with a larger sidecar such as the Harley Davidson sidecar or another brand of larger ones such as those made by Champion, Armec, Motorvation, California Sidecars or Watsonian Squire.

With our universal mounting kit and a little imagination you or your sidecar dealer can mount a Cozy to almost anything. About the only bikes we haven't seen a Cozy attached to (yet) are a URAL from Irbit Motorcycle Works and a Chang Jiang.

How much do they cost?

The Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $3,495. This price includes:

  1. A windshield
  2. Locking trunk
  3. Free tonneau cover*
  4. Free chrome luggage rack*
  5. Free rubber floor mat*
  6. One set of attaching hardware. This hardware will bolt the sidecar right onto a Royal Enfield, it may also be adequate for your bike; otherwise order our universal mounting kit.

*Free accessories available as a special offer - order now before offer expires

How many sidecar models are there?

We carry two different models:

  1. The Rocket Sidecar.
  2. The Euro Sidecar.

See the showroom on this website for more information about each of these models.

Are they safe?

The Cozy sidecars are very well made and feature strong all-steel construction. Riding with a sidecar is different than a solo bike, and requires practice and training. Most states include a specialty class for sidecars / trikes, find out more about Sidecar Safety Training in your state.

How are they installed? 

Cozy sidecars for motorcycles have four attaching points. We offer very clear instructions which can be reviewed on this site, or (even better) - you can have one of our fine sidecar dealers do the job for you.

How are they uninstalled?

A Cozy sidecar can be uninstalled in about ½ hour with a couple of common wrenches.

Who can ride in them?

Virtually anyone can ride in them. We hear from our customers that they buy them so their wives, husbands, children, grandchildren or even dogs can come along with them.

How do I buy one?

Contact one of our dealers who can advise you and install your new sidecar or, if there is not a dealer near you, you can purchase one directly from us and install it yourself.

What about sidecar racing?

There are many forms of sidecar racing.  Sidecar racing involves two people, a driver and someone in the sidecar commonly called the “monkey.” In the United States, Formula 1 and Formula 2 sidecar racing (including the Superside America Sidecar Championship) is quite popular, as well as Pocket Bike, Off-Road, Moto-Cross and Super Bike sidecar racing. Sidecar racing also enjoys broad popularity in Europe, including the Isle of Man TT series.

We have some great pictures in the racing section of our photo gallery.

** Thanks to Mike from Bad Cat Racing for providing us with more information about Formula 1 and Formula 2 sidecar racing in the USA. **

GENERAL DISCLAIMER:  While Classic Motorworks puts great effort into providing accurate, high-quality information on this website, the instructions, advice, opinions and any other content offered through this website is provided without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.
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