Rubber Suspension Kit Installation

You may find comments around the internet about how difficult it can be to replace these item. NOT is you know a simple trick.

  1. Remove seat back

  2. Open trunk

  3. Inside the trunk you will find 6 nut and washers that hold the brackets that the suspension mounts on.

  4. Remove the nuts and the bracket will come away from the body of the sidecar.

  5. Now you will find that all of the tension has been released from rubber suspension parts.

  6. Remove the bolts that hold each of the three (each side) inner bushings and rubber bands.

  7. Remove the outer large rubber bands form the rubber slider.

  8. Remove the sliders from the frame. Some soapy water might help make this easier. Do not use any petroleum based lubricant such as WD-40, Oil etc. They will rot the rubber over time.

  9. Installation is the reverse of the instructions 1-8.