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623-512-0377 or by email: customerservice@classicmotorworks.com

Who we are

Cycle Sidecar / Classic Motorworks LTD has been the exclusive US distributor of Cozy motorcycle sidecars since 1999.  We are very proud of our sidecars and our service. We sell directly to the public and through a network of high quality dedicated sidecar dealers. You are also always dealing directly with me (Kevin Mahoney) the owner of the company

A Cozy sidecar will attach to most motorcycles but there are other considerations beyond will it fit or not such as power and weight. We will advise you honestly if the Cozy is the correct sidecar for your application. If not we will refer to another reputable seller of sidecars. We are happy to help you even if you are not going to purchase anything from us or we are not the right fit. The sidecar industry in the US is small and those of us who have done this a long time will help you find the right unit even if it is not ours. 

What sets us apart 

We are one of the only Sidecar companies that offers a 1 year limited warranty for defects on sidecars* (see below). Our warranty stops and starts with us. You do not have to chase the manufacturer halfway around the world and you will speak to the owner of the company each and every time.

We have our own person that is based in India and works directly with the Cozy company in Mumbai. His role as an outsider and our representative is to work with  Cozy on product improvement, inspecting the product as it is made and before it is shipped etc.  

Our units are built to our specifications and are not what you will find in the "Gray market" units. i

Buyer Beware

I struggled about including  this section because it is bad form to say anything bad about a competitor but finally decided for the good of the sidecar industry that it needed to be said. Buyer Beware wasn't true in our small industry until lately and everyone sold good units and gave honest advice.  

More recently the reputable dealers and manufacturers have had to clean up behind some companies who have poor quality units which don't fit and have very unhappy customers, which puts the rest of us in a negative light.

There are  a couple of companies who sell units at an impossibly low price and claim that they will work on any motorcycle/scooter. Please do your homework about these companies and check their "non planted" customer reviews. Many times their customers end up with something that is all but unusable, missing parts, a worthless warranty which is impossible to collect on unless you chase the manufacturer overseas etc.  There is no such thing as a sidecar that will safely work with every bike. There are considerations such as power of the bike, size, weight of the bike and sidecar etc. A reputable manufacturer or dealer will advise you openly and honestly about what will work for your application. Give us a call anytime.  1-623-512-0377

Details of limited warranty

Sidecars carry a limited warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one year from date of sale. The warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective parts at the discretion of Classic Motorworks. Warranty does not include wear parts such as tires, tubes, bulbs, paint and other finishes. Any damage due to negligence, accidents or other forms of damage are excluded. 

Most aftermarket and/or replacement parts carry a limited warranty against defects for a period of one year or more from the date of sale. Warranty does not include wear parts such as tires, tubes, bulbs, paint and other finishes. Any damage due to negligence, accidents or other forms of damage are excluded. Electrical items of any type are excluded.

Claims must be filed BEFORE the warranty period from when they were invoiced. Warranties do not include consequential damages (damage to you, your sidecar, motorcycle etc.) and abuse. To file a warranty claim either call, write or email us,


Product returns are accepted on all new, unused and unaltered products within 15 days of the original invoice with the exception of sidecars. Once a sidecar ships from out warehouse they are not returnable. If a sidecar arrives and it is damaged we will repair it or replace it at our discretion. This is normally a joint decision between you the customer and Classic Motorworks. Please note below that when the unit leaves our warehouse damage claims due to the trucking company are your responsibility.

Returns must include all original parts and materials and must be shipped back to us in an appropriate shipping box. You are responsible for return shipping. except in cases where we have made a mistake or defective merchandise. 

We DO NOT accept returns of any electrical item.

 Return Instructions 

  1. Email customer service at customerservice@classicmotorworks.com. We will need to know which items you are returning and the reason for the return.

  2. Repackage item(s), with the original invoice or the instruction we give to you.

  3. We will process your return when the merchandise is received and inspected. and apply a refund using the payment method used in the original order.

 Return Restrictions

For customer-initiated returns (except in cases of defective or erroneous items), return shipping costs are the customer's responsibility. We cannot accept collect or COD packages. 

 A refund/exchange of non-salable or damaged merchandise will be refused and we will not be able to return the merchandise to you without you incurring additional shipping charges. We also will not accept returns any electrical parts or accessories.

Shipping Policies

As soon as any shipment leaves our facility Classic Motorworks is no longer responsible for the state or location of the package or any damage that may have been inflicted on the package during the shipping process. Any issues with the package that are not a fault of Classic Motorworks should be taken up with the carrier in the form of a claim. Classic Motorworks is not responsible for filing this claim, the responsibility for filing a claim lies with the recipient

Terms and Conditions

By submitting your order you are offering to buy the goods at the price set out in the order. The contract between us will be concluded when we accept your offer by shipping the goods. We will not be obliged to supply the goods to you and no contract will exist between us until this point. You do not own the goods until we receive payment in full.  All sales are final. Returns or refunds are only available as outlined above.


What do we use your information for? 
The email address you provide for order processing, may be used to send you information and updates pertaining to your order, in addition to receiving occasional company news, updates, related product or service information, WE DO NOT GIVE YOUR DETAILS TO 3rd PARTIES. Note: If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from receiving future emails, we include detailed unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each email. 

Cozy Sidecar History

 One of the most well known Sidecar Manufacturers in the 1940's and 1950's was the Steib company from Germany. As autos became cheaper sidecar sales started to fall. In an effort to continue in business Steib started an affiliation with the Globe Sidecar company in Bombay (now called Mumbai). The Cozy company manufactured the sidecar bodies for Globe. In those days and continuing today sidecars in India are primarily used for transportation of the handicapped. As India developed, automobiles started to take their place and it became very difficult for the manufacturers to survive on domestic sales. We initially worked with the Globe company in 1998. They went out of business in 1999 which is when we affiliated with the Cozy company. We have worked for years with Cozy developing the product to be suitable for export sales. I have spent much time in the factory over the past 18 years and the people at Cozy are like family. 

As their business grew, at least one other company in India started to produce knock offs of the Cozy. I worked with this company as well as Cozy for a short period of time. There is also a US based company that is selling Cozy imitations. Again it is a case of buyer beware. As it happens I named the Sidecars the "Rocket and the Euro". It was a happy accident because the warehouse was getting confused by each model being labeled as just "Sidecars" or standard and non-standard. Now the knock off companies are using the same or similar names to ride on Cozy's coat tails. I don't mind at all since each company forms its own reputation over time regardless of what the models are called. 

During this time period we were also the US distributor of the Royal Enfield Motorcycles also from India. Our business was called Classic Motorworks and it is still the parent of Cycle Sidecar. We imported and distributed the Royal Enfield until 2015. Royal Enfield decided to do its own distribution in the US and other countries which allowed us to focus full time on sidecars.

Unlike being in the motorcycle industry no one has ever called us to tell us that their sidecar wouldn't start!

Best Regards - Kevin and Mimi Mahoney - owners of Classic Motorworks/Cycle Sidecar