The sidecar body is mounted on the sidecar frame, and the frame is bolted to the shipping crate. The entire car and its parts are contained in the crate. You will find: the wheel, fender, bumper guard, and a corrugated box. The corrugated box contains the windshield, seats and hardware. The photo of the packing case shows the front portion of siidecar body. To its left is a bumper guard and to its right the wheel is mounted. At the rear of the crate, the luggage carrier is bolted to the crate. Other parts are placed either in corrugated box or in the wooden box itself (not seen in the photograph). Care should be taken to look carefully for nuts, washers, or bolts that may have worked free in shipment and migrated to the bottom of the case. You will be using 10 – 19mm wrenches, one 13/16 inch wrench, one self adjusting wrench and a pry bar.

Remove the wheel by releasing it from the side of the crate, with a 13/16" spanner or socket (RE Spark plug tool).

Remove the fender by releasing the two 10mm bolts holding it to the crate. You will need to reach inside the fender to find the attaching nuts.

Use a pry bar to remove the two cross braces from the crating. Then remove the nails from the crate side to avoid injury to yourself or damage to the car finish.

Remove the chrome car side bumper. It is not bolted down.

Remove the luggage rack from the rear of the crate by releasing the four 10mm bolts.
Remove the two 10mm bolts from the front end of the crate to release the strap holding the front chrome bumper bar. Remove the right rear 13/16 bolt threaded through the crate into the car frame. Remove the four (4) 15mm bolts and nuts holding the frame to the crate.

Remove the sidecar carefully and place it on the right side of the motorcycle. The frame should be horizontal, and it may help to place the frame on secure jack stands or secure cribbing. You may also find it helpful to remove the body from the frame before continuing to assemble the sidecar. This step is not mandatory, but can make the rest of the job easier. The body is held to the frame with bolts, some of which can be reached through the rear locked compartment.