Individual Sidecar Suspension Rubber Bands with our Industry Leading 2-year warranty*


Individual Sidecar Suspension Rubber Bands with our Industry Leading 2-year warranty*


SAVE 10% with our Spring Sale.  sidecar suspension bands as used on Cozy or Kozi sidecars. They also fit Globe sidecars, Steib sidecars and many other European sidecars that utilize the rubber band sidecar body suspension system.

We offer an industry leading full two year limited warranty all of our rubber goods against rotting, cracking, breaking etc. (see details below) Suspension bands are a wear item and their life depends on when and where they are made, how much sun they get etc. We hear from customers all of the time that tried to save a couple of bucks buying without a warranty only to be disappointed when they crack in a short period of time. 

Don't be caught short with bands with no warranty that have have been in a warehouse overseas or here for a long time, made in China (which many of those you see priced cheaply are), and will deteriorate  very quickly. Our inventory rotates quickly and we control and inspect our vendors overseas in person.


At rest 60mm squeezed together 90mm

Sold Individually

6 Required - if you are replacing all 6 bands and/or all of the rubber sliders they attach to you can save by purchasing a "six pack" or complete rubber suspension kit in this section of our web store.

Guaranteed fresh rubber with the only 2 year warranty in the business. – Our stock is always fresh rubber and we stand behind it. If it rots, cracks or breaks within two years of purchase we will send you replacements for free. (Continental US only). Overseas customer will have to pay shipping

*Must have proof of purchase (we may be able to help with our records), Sidecars used in racing or other nefarious activities :) are excluded. Warranty is limited to replacement of the rubber bands and excludes labor, consequential damages (damage to you, your sidecar, motorcycle etc.) and abuse. Claim must be filed BEFORE the two year period from when they were invoices ss reached. Pictures or return of old bands ( at our discretion)  may be required. You will be responsible for return shipping if required. We are the final arbiters of all claims

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