Judging Sidecar Value

Judging value can be very subjective, but a little bit of homework will help you cut through some of the marketing noise. While price is a factor, getting a safe, quality product with expert support is even more important. Here are just a few things to consider. What is the warranty? (look for fine print), most of us don’t have any. What are your rights as a customer when it comes to problems? What kind of support is available, who provides the support and what qualifies them to do so? What is the construction of the sidecar? What is the quality of the construction? What suspension system to they use? (You do not want a sidecar without one). What kind of instructions are provided for installation? Can you see the instructions before you purchase? What are the limitations of the unit for your application? Google the units in Google images. You will normally find lots of pictures and you can see what they look like on real riders bikes. What is delivery time once you have paid? Will they back that up?

Is the company reputable? (more important than you might think)

Most sidecar manufacturers in the US are very reputable and will give you good honest information. Collectively our goal is to provide you with a sidecar that will meet your needs and advise you openly about their products pros and cons. Each one has both. There is no such thing as a single sidecar that is right sidecar for every motorcycle. One size does NOT fit all.

I highly recommend that you take just a minute and look up Google reviews for the company you are considering purchasing from. Look for independent reviews and not those on the companies website.

Give them a call - See what they actually know about sidecars, how long they have been selling sidecars and what else they sell. Sidecars are a very small industry and virtually all of the reputable dealers in the US only sell sidecars, trikes and similar products.


Our pricing is simple and straight forward.

Both the Euro and Rocket models (Black color and fully optioned) are priced at $3,495 plus shipping from our warehouse in VA. Occasionally we stock a few units that are Olive Drab. They are an additional $200. Shipping varies but is normally between $200 and $350 depending on your address.

Included in that price are the following options: spoked wheel, front and side bumpers, Upgraded upholstery, windshield, tonneau cover, chrome rear rack, steering damper. and a Royal Enfield 500cc mounting kit. The included mounting kit allows you to directly attach the sidecar to a 500cc Royal Enfield. It contains parts that you may find useful in your non Royal Enfield installation. You may require an adapter kit if your RE has ABS. We also offer mounting kits for the 650cc Royal Enfield’s, Triumph, and a Universal mounting kit for other brands and models at an additional cost.