NEW - US Made Windshields - Introductory Pricing!

windshield clearview.jpg
windshield clearview.jpg

NEW - US Made Windshields - Introductory Pricing!

from 89.95

Aftermarket US made Cozy Sidecar Windshields. Custom made in the USA exclusively for us by a top industry manufacturer. The 14 inch tall windshield is the OEM size supplied with the sidecar. The 10 inch is 4 inches shorter than the factory supplied windscreen and looks sportier. These are not a universal windshield and bolt right on. Please specify which size you would like.

Important notes: The shorter 10 inch windshield in the front of the picture is shown in a Dark Gray It is actually sold only in light gray like the tint of the 14 inch unit in the rear. Confusing I know, but it is really tough to take pictures of windshields without contrast.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: The rain hood / convertible top (SC26) will NOT fit with the shorter windshield. If you have a rain hood or intend to purchase one specify the 14 inch model. 



14 Inch OEM sized windshield SC-29 - Light gray tine:
10 inch shorter windshield SC30- light tint:
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